Saturday, 3 September 2011

Business is My Soul


  The main product.

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 Trademark Keli Palet "

The others product...
-  "Ikan Pekasam  "
- "Pes Sup Ikan  "

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- Abdul Aziz Rashid : 019-9244374 (Manager/Owner)
- Rimy Acai : 019-9911255 (Production Manager)
- Hafizudin Shukri : 014-5056227 (Sales Manager)

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Behind the name "Merak Emas"

 Merak Emas "Malaysian Enterprenuers Red Army Association". 
Merak or it's scientific name is known as "Green Peafowl". It is beautiful bird and it's shows our attitude, it also bring a big meaning to my organization, especially to me in order  to change our life by join business world and become a Enterprenuers.

Our vision is to produce more enterprenuers in this country. We also train our member to become a success enterprenuers and give lots of motivation and capital to start their bussiness.

The mission of Merak Emas is to increase our life style and train our members to be independent to their life, and not depends with ours family again to buy something that we need. Eventhough they are still a student in IPTA. It's not prevent our members and i too involves in business world.

And i as a Merak Emas family members come out with my own business. My partner and i run "Catfish" business, we produce livestock product from Catfish. We process the product from cleaning until packaging and it ready to distribute.

I will upload the image of the product soon...